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Original Political T-Shirts

I made this shirt because...

Will Kill for Oil

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Why I made the t-shirt Will Kill for Oil

The Will Kill for Oil design shows what Bush might reveal about himself and his wars if he wasn't always lying. Not that the war is only about oil. Certainly it is also about empire and global hegemony. But, you can only fit so much onto a t-shirt, and only so much can be expected to be read by passersby who see the shirt.

The Will Kill for Oil design also points out that Bush is counting on the money (and complacency) of the population in the US. Having Bush in the lowly position of a person on the side of the road asking for food or money (i.e. a person with a sign like "will work for food"), takes the spin off and shows that Bush is dependent on US taxpayers and their money. Bush will kill for oil, but he can't do it without the help and participation of the American people.

Currently Bush and his cronies in the administration and in Congress are using fear to reverse the power dynamic. They are telling us we must give them our tax money and give up our rights so that they can take action to protect us from terrorism. They are wrong, whether they know it or not. Bush's presumption of power and authority to make war against other nations and peoples and against the US Constitution can be upset in the future by turning the uninformed consent of people who buy Bush's line into informed dissent.

The Will Kill for Oil design is intended to be one of many drops of water flowing against the mainstream current that nods and accepts the status quo thrust upon us by our "leaders".

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Will Kill for Oil featured in
The Design of Dissent

Will Kill for Oil, an original design
is featured in a book titled
The Design of Dissent
by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic.