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Original Political T-Shirts

Why I made the t-shirt and tote bags "Paper or Plastic?"


Similar to the layer in the geological record marking the extinction of the dinosaurs, there will be a layer of plastic marking the demise of the human race (and that of many other species) in the geological record. That layer will consist mostly of plastic.

Petroleum dependent plastic = Green house gases, global warming... and maybe if the corals bleach entirely and the oceans die, death to all air breathers by hydrogen sulfide gas that will rise from the oceans. Not to mention plenty of diverse toxic chemicals produced as biproducts of plastic maufacture... oh and plastic has a shelf life of thousands if not millions of years...

Deforestation = No oxygen to breath

Energy consumption to make new paper or plastic or to recycle either. Energy that probably comes from burning coal.

Reusable organic cotton or hemp cloth bags are nice!