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Payment for t-shirts ordered can be made via credit card using the safe and secure services of PayPal or by check or money order. PayPal credit card orders are preferred because they require less hassle for both parties and offer the quickest delivery of the product to you.

How to Make a Purchase
PayPal credit card payment
Check or Money Order

Shipping Policy

  • All orders: Orders will not be shipped until the payment is received and the funds clear. No exceptions.
  • For PayPal credit card orders: Orders will only be shipped to the billing address for the credit card used (the "Confirmed" address in PayPal lingo). No exceptions.

T-Shirts will be shipped promptly following receipt of payment and clearing of funds. Shipping time should be between 14 to 21 days roughly.

All sales are final. Please make sure to get the correct size in advance, as again there are no refunds, returns or exchanges. Shirts are for the most part standard sizes that you would expect. The brand of the shirt can vary: it could be Bayside, it could be American Apparel, it could be other brands. If you are worried about what brand it is or if you don't like some shirts, then please inquire with us prior to placing your order and we will do our best to figure out what brand the shirt will be. Similarly if you need a specific size or fit or shirt dimensions then you must inquire about this in advance. We do not refund or replace shirts, nor do we allow returns. This is an activist operation and we don't have money and time to waste on shipping for returns etc. Please be in solidarity with us and make sure to take all these steps before placing your order. Thank you in advance.


Privacy Policy
All personal information that you choose to provide to Liberate the Media! will be securely protected and will not be shared with any other persons or parties. Financial information used to make online purchases is protected by the industry leading security and encryption technologies of PayPal.